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Our Animals are never fed Genetically modified organisms (GMO's). 

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Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Our Animals never receive any Chemicals, Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics.

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'Actually Free Range' Pasture Raised

All of our Chickens, Turkeys and, Ducks are raised without the use of tractors. Instead, They are raised in daily moving open sided shelters. This husbandry practice allows the animal to express more of its natural instincts.

Our Pigs are brought in as freshly weaned piglets and spend the rest of their lives in our woodlots or pastures.

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Organic Mineral Supplmentation

We Use Fertrell Organic Mineral Products in our feed ration for our animals health and in an attempt to mineralize our pastures and woodlots.

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Pasture/Forest Raised

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