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Our Story

All good stories start somewhere and with someone. Ours starts with the woman pictured below. Nana. The woman who helped raise me. Who knew the exact amount of butter to make one heck of a bowl of grits. The woman who never gave up on me pushed me to persevere and the woman I named my first child after. 

Slaughter Family Farm began in a quarter-acre backyard in Okolona, KY, in 2018.

With the help of a friend, I built my first mobile coop and chicken tractor to house six barred rock hens and fifty broilers. We started by simply selling a small number of products to friends and neighbors.

Today, we run over 6,000 broilers on pasture, 75 pigs in the woods and, a few hundred ducks, turkeys, and layers in Shelbyville, KY.  

We offer monthly CSA shares to customers across Kentuckiana and have had the pleasure of working with many like-minded farmers and friends.

I kinda started this thing on a whim with the desire to work more closely with my girls, Dorothy and Judith and, to teach them about the work that goes into the food we eat. Since then, we’ve added two more kids and continue to grow our business, raising food as good as Nana cooked it! We know you want delicious nutrient-dense food for yourself and your families. We want to be your farmers.

– Justin, Melina, Dorothy, Judith, William &, Thomas 

How we Raise Our Animals

There are a lot of word salads surrounding agriculture. From big box stores to the big four. It seems everyone is trying to cash in on terms like, organic, grass-fed, regenerative, No-Till, Bio-diverse, etc. How do we know, if the big players, are really doing what they say they are doing? It starts with knowing your farmer. If you care about nutrition, food flavor, animal welfare practices, land stewardship and beyond, we are your farmers.

Every animal on our farm is raised on our diverse pastures or in the woods. From late fall to early spring, our pigs and layers, are raised on deep bedding that is composted and applied to our pastures, wood lots and garden.

Our animals never receive hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s or chemicals. Instead, they enjoy fresh air, clean water and, frequently rotated pastures. Frequent rotation is key to healthy land and the diet of our animals. We believe that these practices are what give our animals an amazing flavor that is nutrient dense and better for you.

We purchase all of our non-GMO feed from Bagdad Roller Mill in Bagdad, KY. The Roller Mill is roughly 20 minutes from our farm. We are thankful to have a local roller mill in our area. Our Nutri-balancers, free choice minerals, organic kelp, alfalfa and flaxseed is purchased from Fertrell. Fertrell products ensure that our animals stay naturally healthy.

Meet Our Team

From Our Farm to Your Family Table