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Whole Chicken - Large

Whole Chicken - Large

$5.75 /lb.
Avg. 4.5 lb.

1 Large Whole Chicken. Weights Ranges from 4-6Lbs

Introducing our exquisite pasture-raised Large Whole Chicken, a culinary masterpiece that embodies exceptional flavor, quality, and ethical farming practices. Sourced from our pastures, this chicken is a true testament to the art of traditional farming

Raised on lush green pastures, our chickens are free to roam, forage, and engage in natural behaviors. This ensures they develop strong, healthy muscles and a remarkable depth of flavor that sets them apart from conventionally raised poultry. We prioritize their welfare and well-being, providing them with ample space to explore and access to a varied diet of grass, insects, and non-GMO grain.

How we raise our chickens