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Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Our pasture-raised pork spare ribs are a true testament to our commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. We believe in providing our pigs with a natural and stress-free environment, where they can roam freely, bask in the sunlight, and express their natural behaviors. 

Our pork spare ribs are incredibly versatile and can be cooked to perfection in various ways. Whether you slow-cook them, smoke them, or grill them, the tenderness and flavor will have you coming back for seconds.

Whether it's a family barbecue, a Sunday feast, or a special celebration, our pasture-raised pork spare ribs will be the star of the show. Your guests will be raving about the taste and quality of these extraordinary ribs.

    At our farm, we believe that raising pigs the right way results in superior pork spare ribs that make every meal a memorable and enjoyable experience. From our farm to your table, savor the goodness of ethically-raised, wholesome pork spare ribs like never before. Taste the difference that comes from responsible farming today!