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Holiday Turkey Pre-order

Holiday Turkey Pre-order

$6.50/LB / 14-22LBS / Price Ranges from $91-$140 (cap)

100% Free Range. Pasture Raised. Organically Fed. 

Holiday Turkey Pickup: 

Saturday, November 23rd - 10AM-2PM

Douglass Loop Farmers Market 
(2005 Douglass Blvd, Louisville, KY 40205)

Sunday, November 24th - 12pm-4pm 
Rainbow Blossom Farmers Market 
(3738 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY 40207)

Holiday Turkey Delivery:

Monday, November 25th 
- 10am-6PM
Home Delivery will incur a $10.50 delivery fee. 


Give your family the best Thanksgiving meal with our "Actually Free Range" Pasture Raised Turkey. You are purchasing a turkey that has been free ranging—kept outdoors on grass pasture and fed wholesome, organic & Non-GMO grains, resulting in moist, flavorful turkey without the use of synthetics, flavor additives, stimulants or growth hormones. Our Turkeys are raised outside on pasture and are continually rotated to fresh pasture. 

*Due to the nature of pasturing turkey poults and the lack of growth promoting hormones and antibiotics it is difficult for us to get a precise weight on our turkeys. We have had turkeys that were a bit underweight and some that were overweight. The maximum you will pay for our largest Turkeys is $140.00. Your total will be the price per lb minus your $40 deposit. 

We reserve the right to give you a heavier bird at no additional charge.