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Farmers Choice Meat CSA - Family Box (13-16LBS)

Farmers Choice Meat CSA - Family Box (13-16LBS)


We know you value the food you eat and the husbandry practices they are raised with. Our Community Sourced Agriculture program allows you to receive our pasture raised proteins every month for one convenient price. 

Our Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) is a great way to receive consistent access to our meats grown with integrity by us, on our farm. 

Our CSA program features: 

+ Discounted but consistent access to the products raised on our farm.

+ Wide variety of pasture raised chicken and pork

+ Convenient monthly pickup from our summer and winter farmers market or chose our delivery option at checkout and we will drop it at your door.

+ Our CSA members receive first choice of every product we raise on our farm as well as discounts on other meat cuts.

Example Bundle: (products will vary month to month) 

+ Family Box (13-16lbs) 

1 Whole Chicken, 1-3 packs of chicken cuts, 1lb ground sasuage or mild breakfast or grassfed ground beef, 1 pack bacon or pork brats, 1-2lbs of pork chops or ribs (country or spare) or Pork/ham steaks.

You WIN with our Meat CSA ! 

* We aim to include bacon in every CSA share ** PLEASE NOTE: On months where higher value items are added (Pork Roast, Chicken, Turkey, Duck Sausage or Bratwurst) you will receive 13lbs.