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Bacon - Natural Cure (No Nitrites or Nitrates Added)

Bacon - Natural Cure (No Nitrites or Nitrates Added)


Thick cut, 16-18 ounce packages.

Forest Raised Bacon is a type of bacon that comes from pigs raised in a forest environment, where they have ample space to roam and forage for their food. This unique upbringing and diet contribute to the distinct flavor and quality! 

Our pigs have the freedom to explore and root around in the natural environment, allowing them to forage for a variety of food sources such as acorns, nuts, berries, and other vegetation. This diverse diet contributes to the rich and complex flavors that develop in the meat.

Forest Raised Bacon is known for its rich, smoky flavor, often with hints of the forest environment in which the pigs were raised. It tends to have a more pronounced and complex taste compared to conventional bacon.

Forest Raised Bacon is favored by those who appreciate high-quality, ethically raised meat and value the unique flavors that come from pigs raised in a natural environment. It represents a more sustainable and humane alternative to mass-produced, factory-farmed bacon, providing a connection to the land and the taste of yesteryear.

What is Natural Cure?

The curing process involves the perfect balance of time and craftsmanship. Seasoned with a thoughtfully selected blend of natural ingredients, such as sea salt or celery salt. The bacon undergoes a slow, traditional curing process. This time-honored method allows the flavors to develop fully while preserving the natural integrity of the meat.

Why is Natural Cure More Expensive? 

This is a commonly asked question. If there are less ingredients, why is a natural cure so expensive?  The reason for this is in the process and the paperwork. It cost more to produce bacon that is safe to eat and will have any kind of shelf life without all of the added chemicals, nitrites and, nitrates.