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5 Lbs - Breakfast Sausage

5 Lbs - Breakfast Sausage

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Sold in 1lb packages 
Our Breakfast sausage always includes a touch of sage and less that 3% DV sugar.

Indulge in the sublime flavors of our forest-raised pork breakfast sausage, a culinary masterpiece crafted with utmost care and respect for nature. Picture yourself nestled amidst a serene woodland, surrounded by towering trees and a gentle breeze carrying the earthy scents of the forest. Our sausages embody the essence of this idyllic setting, providing you with a truly remarkable breakfast experience.

Made from premium cuts of pork raised in the lush, natural environment of the forest, our sausages offer an unrivaled taste that is second to none. Our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices ensures that our pigs roam freely and forage on a diverse array of nuts, berries, and other natural delicacies that the forest provides. This unique diet imbues the meat with extraordinary flavors, creating a sausage that is both rich and nuanced.