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2 Cases - Chicken Thighs

2 Cases - Chicken Thighs

1.15-1.5 lb unit / 20 units per case
Save $3.00 /lb.
$6.99 /lb.
$9.99 /lb.
Avg. 53 lb.

2 cases of Bone-in/Skin-on Chicken Thighs. 4 Thighs per pack. 
Approximately - 23-30lbs per case.

Here at our farm, we believe in providing our chickens with a happy and healthy environment to ensure they grow into robust, flavorful birds. 

  1. Pasture-Centered Philosophy: Our approach to raising chickens is centered around providing them with access to fresh pasture and natural surroundings. We believe that allowing chickens to roam freely in open fields enables them to exhibit their natural behaviors, such as foraging for insects and plants, dust-bathing, and enjoying the sunshine.
  2. High-Quality Pasture: Our lush pastures are carefully managed to ensure they remain rich in diverse plant life, which in turn provides our chickens with a well-balanced diet. The rotational grazing system we employ ensures that the chickens have access to fresh pasture regularly, promoting healthier growth and reducing the risk of overgrazing.
  3. No Hormones or Antibiotics: We are committed to the well-being of our chickens, and that's why we never use hormones or antibiotics. Instead, we focus on preventive measures and natural remedies to keep our flock in peak health.
  4. Premium Non-GMO Feed: In addition to their pasture diet, we supplement our chickens with premium, locally-sourced, non-GMO feed. This ensures that they receive all the necessary nutrients to thrive and produce the best-tasting meat possible.
  5. Humane Treatment: Our chickens are raised with the utmost respect and care. We believe in the humane treatment of all our animals, and our family ensures that the chickens' living conditions are comfortable and stress-free.
  6. Continuous Access to Fresh Water: Clean and fresh water is essential for the well-being of our chickens. We provide them with continuous access to pristine water sources throughout the day.
  7. Healthy Flock Monitoring: Our family regularly monitors the health and behavior of our chickens. Any sign of distress or illness is immediately addressed to maintain the overall well-being of the flock.
  8. Environmentally Conscious Practices: Sustainable farming is at the core of our operations. We implement practices that minimize waste, conserve water, and promote biodiversity. By taking care of the land, we create a healthier ecosystem for our chickens and all living creatures around us.
  9. Local Community Impact: We are proud to contribute positively to our local community. Our farm supports local businesses and provides fresh, nutritious chicken to our neighbors, establishing a strong bond between us and those who enjoy our products.
  10. Traceability and Transparency: We believe in transparency and take pride in providing our customers with a clear understanding of our farming practices. We welcome visitors to our farm, and we're always happy to answer any questions about how we raise our pasture-raised chickens.